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NoahName: Noah
DOB: 10/18/1999
Weight: 6 lbs 7 oz

On June 3rd 1999 we were told through ultrasound that our son Noah Michael had a rare brain disorder. Numerous doctors told us that our son would never make it through birth and that if he did he would die very soon afterwards. Some doctors told us that abortion was the best option  for all involved including the child. 

Once we told the doctor that we did not believe in abortion they were very distant in the the visits my wife and I made to their offices. One doctor told us that our son had a condition that was not compatible with life and aborting him would save him lots of pain. 

Our son was born October 18th full term crying his head off. While he had problems he survived for 10 months. We just buried him on August 23, 2000 and must say that my son’s life was a joyful experience that many people would have missed out on if we had aborted him. 

He touched many people in his life time and will be remembered for years to come by lots of people.