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We have a dream that one day abortion in America will be as inconceivable and repugnant as slavery.

We believe that the facts about abortion are firmly on the pro-life side, and yet it’s not logical arguments and facts that will change America’s “abortion on demand” culture.

We believe that crisis pregnancy centers and other community support efforts are important ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus and love our neighbors, and yet they will not change a culture that looks the other way when thousands of unwanted babies are aborted every day.

We believe that electing pro-life politicians and judges are important, as is supporting pro-life legislation, and yet top-down legislative action rarely results in transformative cultural change.

Historically, this also proves out in the way that human chattel slavery was abolished in the US. It was only after Uncle Tom’s Cabin presented the plight of African-Americans in a sympathetic manner that white Americans began to see things in a new way. And, it was only after LGBT activists in positions of influence began to intentionally position sympathetic LGBT characters in TV shows, movies, and books that the public began to change their sentiments about homosexuality.

We believe that both arguments, for the LGBT community in the last 15 years, and against slavery in the US many years prior, were most effective when they approached the average person with a cultural good that was accessible to them, and was entertaining, compelling, and winsome. In short, it wasn’t a top-down, brute force appeal to logic or legislation, but an appeal to emotion (undergirded by facts) that resulted in a groundswell of changing public sentiment. Only then was the ground ready for political and legal change, because the public was finally ready to receive it, and even demand it.

We want to create this change—if you’re a writer, entertainer, creator, entrepreneur, director, producer, business owner, speaker, maker, or influencer, will you join us?

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– Joel Ohman
Executive Director
#1 Bestselling Author