October 1997

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The UN, an Evil Institution?

By J. C. Willke, MD, President

International Right to Life Federation

What do most people know about the United Nations? They may have the impression that it’s several expensive buildings on the East River in New York, filled with overpaid international bureaucrats. These people keep spending money, having meetings in New York and all over the world to endlessly discuss useless things. They come up with all kinds of suggestions and regulations that we don’t pay any attention to. Rather, let’s worry about important things.

Well, no, that’s not really what the UN is and does. Come with me to one or more of the recent major international UN meetings. There was one in Rio de Janeiro, then Cairo, Beijing, Istanbul, Rome, and this past spring in New York. To a certain extent, they’ve all followed the same pattern.

Most meetings were two weeks long. One (Istanbul) was to discuss housing. Delegates from nations all over the world attended. Basically, the housing questions were settled in the first few days or a week. During the second week, the subject discussed interminably was “reproductive health”. These are code words for legalizing abortion on demand throughout the world. It was discussed in general meetings, small meetings, press conferences, and if you were there you’d rather quickly size up who’s for what.

In dealing with abortion, there are two opposing groups of nations — the industrialized, developed world and the underdeveloped nations of the world. More specifically, led by the US and aided shamelessly by Canada and the nations of the European Union, are the wealthy, industrialized and developed nations. Arrayed against them are the G-77 nations (so called) which actually include over 150 less developed nations. Allied with the G-77 nations are the Muslim nations, the Vatican, and the pro-life, pro-family NGO’s (non-governmental

organizations). You’ll quickly learn that it is the developed nations who are pushing population control (and they do mean control) on the rest of the world.

You’ll quickly find out that, with one or two minor exceptions, all of Central America, Africa and South America have laws that protect the unborn, and many of them from conception. All of the Muslim nations oppose abortion. Unfortunately, most of the Pacific Rim nations, with the exception of the Catholic Philippines, show little concern. Australia and New Zealand are allied with the West but don’t speak up too often. Japan and China are not heavy-weight players on either side of this controversy.

Besides “reproductive health”, there’s an entire lexicon of code words, but they all add up to the same thing. The wealthy nations have as their floor leader Bella Abzug. She’s from the radical feminist groups in the US. Their thrust is to change laws so that abortion on demand is legal and state-paid in every nation in the world. They want to formally recognize five genders instead of two, that is, they want to make lesbian, homosexual and bisexual activity acceptable everywhere. They are intensely socialistic, wanting full government control of just about everything. They mean to impose compulsory contraception, sterilization and, ultimately, abortion on these nations. Their ultimate goal, besides destroying the morals, marriage and family life of these nations, is clearly one of holding down and, if possible, reducing their populations. For them, these nations have too many babies. Babies are pollution, so let’s get rid of them or prevent them from being conceived.

Our September 1996 issue of Connector discussed the amazing victory of our volunteer pro-life lobbyists at Istanbul. Later we held them off again in Rome. Happily, a similar victory was achieved in New York at the Earth Summit meeting of the UN this spring.

The leader of the pack is Bill Clinton. He has appointed a solid array of radical feminist zealots, with unlimited sums of money from USAID and other US State Department agencies, the World Bank, Pathfinder, International Planned Parenthood, the Futures Group, the Johns Hopkins Population Program, CERPOD and dozens of other anti-life organizations, aided directly and aggressively by most United Nations agencies. Don’t be surprised to see Ted Turner’s recent $1 billion dollar largesse to the UN largely go toward controlling the population of Third World countries.

From whence does all of this come? Well, let’s leave these recent UN meetings and dig back into some history. What we discover is a carefully crafted, top-down plan of the industrial nations to continue their control over the rest of the world.

In 1930 the Eurocentric peoples of the West made up 35% of the earth’s population. Today the West comprises 15% and is still dominant. But, according to present birthrates, by the year 2025, this percent will be 9, and by the year 2100, under 5%.

During the last century, Europe had an extremely high birth rate. It was during those years that Europe and the US, with its

similar high birthrate, came to dominate the globe. Between the years 1790 to 1840, US population increased five-fold. By 1870, thirty years later, it had tripled again. In the next ten years, 1870-1880, it increased by 37%. By the turn of the century the US had fully 15 times more people than it had 100 years earlier. During the first half of the 20th century, the increase in US numbers averaged 3% a year, and it was during this time that the US was most effectively increasing its productivity, power and standing in the world.

Europe, with its high birthrate, continued to export people, emigrating throughout the world, but particularly to the US. Between 1846 and 1930, immigration into the US averaged between 500,00 and 900,000 per year, totaling over 50 million Europeans. The Caucasian population in 1800 had been 22% of the human race. By 1930 it was 35%. This was the demographic foundation of what would later become termed the world revolution of westernization. During these years the influence, power and hegemony of the West became dominant worldwide.

Those were the days of colonial control of underdeveloped countries and the exploitation of their raw materials through which the West grew richer. But then there were a couple of World Wars, and things began to change. Colonial domination had to give, and these nations became politically independent. However, they remained economically dependent on the West. In more recent years, a progressive demographic change of massive degree has sown the seeds for a complete change as to which nations will dominate the globe. For a variety of reasons, partly because of their own wealth — with the vehicle being contraception and abortion — the birthrate of the Western nations dropped precipitously. It is now below replacement level throughout the West. At the same time, due to modest improvements in sanitation and disease control, there has been a continuing increase in population in the lesser developed nations, primarily due to sharply extended life spans.

The West saw this coming as long as forty years ago. These encroaching demographic changes meant that someday the West would no longer dominate other nations through sheer force of numbers of people. It was seen that, given time, nations with the highest birth rates would ultimately dominate nations with aging populations and reduced birth rates. This had to be taken care of.

A seminal paper on this, released from secret government archives recently, was a previously classified National Security Council memorandum signed by Kissinger in the summer of 1970. It elevated population control to a “top priority item”, and that year the World Bank made its first population control loan.

Seeing that the West would eventually decline as the world leader, the US, along with Western Europe, judged that nothing less than the leadership of the world was at stake. Since that time, through both Republican and Democrat administrations, the thrust of our foreign policy (although never publicized as such) has been to use all avenues of influence and all available resources and direct them toward activities that would bear upon population growth in high fertility societies. The US began to use its undoubted influence over the World Bank to force population control policies on less developed nations.

Books have been written about the coercive lending policies and the gifts with strings attached that have been directed toward the developing world in the last several decades. One hypothetical example can demonstrate the thrust of these. This particular village needs a deep well so that it can have clean water to prevent its children and others from dying from infectious diseases. A Western group comes in and is willing to give a grant to do this, but on one condition. The condition is that 25% of the women in the village would be sterilized.

This type of population control, amounting to nothing less than potential genocide, has been increasing in its momentum in the last two decades. Originally, it was a very subtle thing, as it confronted, particularly in Africa and South America, long established cultural values that saw large families as wanted and valuable. Slowly, corrosively, by means of all kinds of methods, honorable and otherwise, the leadership of underdeveloped nations was in essence bought off and/or coerced into adopting policies to lower their fertility rate. Suffice it to say that one or two weeks’ exposure at a United Nations meeting will leave no doubt in an observer’s mind that this is exactly what is happen-ing. Typical of this kind of pressure was a statement by a woman delegate from an Eastern African nation who, almost in tears, told a pro-life lobbyist that she was in total agreement with our value system. She said she abhorred the “ugly American” policies of the delegates appointed by Mr. Clinton and that she hated the money that was being distributed in her country to reduce the population, as it was destroying families and subverting their youth. “But,” she said, “we are totally dependent upon grants from the West. If we do not conform, we will not be able to exist. We have become dependent on what the West gives us.” She voted with the Western nations.

A US Army conference on Long-range Planning in Foreign Affairs in the summer of 1991 analyzed the demographic data and stated: “If these trends continue for another generation or two, the implications for the international political order and the balance of world power could be enormous.” It continued: “A very different world would seem to be emerging … with a diminished role and status for today’s industrial democracies. With a generalized and progressive industrialization of current low income areas, diminution in the West will be all the more rapid. Thus, one can easily envision a world more unreceptive, and ultimately more threatening, to the interests of the US and its allies. This could conceivably be an international environment even more threatening, menacing, to the security prospects of the Western Alliance than was the Cold War for the past generation.”

We see the wealthy but aging West reacting in an almost frantic manner. Huge amounts of money are being spent in the developing world through subsidy and bait, through coercion when needed to cut the birth rate of these countries before they overwhelm the West. One million children a year die from malaria. With medication, costing but a tiny fraction of the money spent for contraception, it could largely be controlled in Africa, but almost none of the West’s money is going to solve this health problem. One is tempted to see the logic.

And so, unbeknownst to the average citizen, Western political leaders are now at the brink of desperation. They are motivated by the belief that the existing balance of political and economic power can only be preserved into the next century by… let’s call it what it will be…a new colonial system — one in which reproductive control is central, is the only goal.

It certainly is possible, on the political level, to hold opinions on which nations and cultures should be dominant in the world. Let’s for the minute set that aside if we can. Our specific concern here are the methods being used. The UN, Clinton and European Union methods are to undermine and destroy marriage and the family. They vigorously promote killing unborn babies and even outright infanticide (e.g., in China). In so many ways the situation looks hopeless.

Standing against this tide are the underdeveloped nations. Sparking their increasingly successful resistance at the UN meetings have been a little band of volunteer pro-life NGO’s who have informed and lobbied the G-77 delegates.

Overwhelming money and power against unpaid volunteers? Yes, and these pro-life efforts are making a difference.

Life Issues Today
with Dr. J. C. Willke

A Sign of Hope in the Philippines

Do you remember Marcos, the Philippine dictator? In the end, he tried to reimpose his waning control over that country by bringing his troops to surround and defend him at his palace compound in Manila. Cardinal Jamie Sin got on the radio and TV and called the people to come en masse to that palace. Bring a flower, be peaceful, but surround the palace. They did – two million of them. The troops refused to shoot. Marcos abdicated and flew away.

That same Cardinal Sin, still the chief prelate in the Philippines, which is a Catholic country, has become increasingly concerned about the attempts by the United Nations, by Clinton’s USAID people, the World Bank, International Planned Parenthood, etc., to subvert his people. Huge amounts of money and personnel have been funneled into the Philippines for purposes of radical sex education, contraception, agitation to legalize abortion and other methods of population control. The Philippines is a poor country but is rapidly becoming modernized and industrialized. It hopes to join the “Asian Tigers” of the Pacific Rim in the prosperity that has been generated in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, etc.

But the increasingly aggressive invasion of the Philippines by these anti-life, anti-family people has troubled him and all other pro-family groups. A recent attempt to introduce and pass a law allowing abortion on demand and literally forcing contraceptives on his people was the last straw. As a result of this, an invitation was extended to present two one-week seminars. Attending them were top pro-life, pro-family representatives to be trained to help counteract the increasingly intensive anti-life propaganda and activity being foisted upon these good people.

Responding to this request for the International Right to Life Federation was its president, yours truly, and his wife Barbara. Joining us was the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child from London which sent its founder, Mrs. Phyllis Bowman, and Executive Director, Mr. John Smeaton.

We proceeded to put on a one-week seminar in Central Luzon. The four of us had to provide our own plane fare to get to the Philippines, no small item. But from the time that we stepped off the plane until re-embarking, we were given generous, unfailing hospitality and offered far too much of the excellent Philippine food. There had been a fifth, the well known Dr. Margaret White from England. Leaving early, she had stopped in Bali and picked up a bug which disabled her and required her returning to England. So instead of a team of five, we did it with four.

We knew that these excellent and qualified “pupils” would soak up ideas and carry them out in their own districts. Words alone can only do so much, however, and we felt the need to supply them with considerable amounts of educational materials that they could take back with them, distribute, reproduce and use in helping to bring our ideas to fruition in their own areas. Accordingly, your author, after considerable effort, was able to acquire almost $9,000 worth of educational material and have it shipped ahead to our destinations. These materials proved of immense usefulness to us and are being skillfully put to use at this time.

Our first seminar was in the Pampagna area in the city of San Fernando. This is an area familiar to many US servicemen, as it is next door to Clark Air Force Base which has now been turned into a busy, duty-free commercial hub. It is near, but was not affected by the volcanic eruptions several years ago of Mount Pinatubo.

Our second seminar was in the South Island of Mindanao. We flew to Cagayan de Oro and were driven up into the interior plateau area which is the major pineapple-producing area in the world today. Our seminar was held in the town of Philips which lies in the very center of Del Monte’s 30,000 acres of pineapple fields.

In addition to this, we had a number of leadership meetings in Manila with civic and government officials, clerics, etc.

The International Right to Life Federation is divided into eleven international divisions from which each of the eleven regional board members are selected. The seat representing the Pacific Rim had been vacant. As a result of this visit, we were able to evaluate, to ask and to receive the nomination of a prominent Philippine senator, the Honorable Kit Titad, to represent that region on our International Right to Life Federation board. He will be attending his first board meeting with us at our annual meeting in October in Rio de Janeiro.

Was the trip worthwhile? Without question, we feel it was a great success. We have watched with increasing distress the anti-life juggernaut that the United Nations has become. We have fought it valiantly at Cairo, Beijing, Istanbul, Rome and New York, and have held some of the worst excesses in check. But the overwhelming money and power of the long arm of the Clinton administration, of Canada and of the European Union nations is slowly, insidiously destroying the families and the morals of underdeveloped nations throughout the world. We have hopes that the Philippines may be the exception. We have hopes that here the juggernaut may be stopped and reversed.

The Philippines are a very religious country, deeply Catholic, very devotional and very loyal to their priests and bishops. Unlike some other titularly Catholic countries, this nation has an extraordinary set of bishops headed by this remarkable Cardinal Sin. To a significant extent, they have been alerted to the anti-life, anti-family, anti-Christian thrust of the international agencies.

Hopefully, we have contributed one small, but significant part of firming up their resolve and helping them organize so that this nation can present a united front to the corrosive impact of the United Nations and its formidable array of evil, auxiliary international organizations.

Upcoming Events

Life Issues Institute is coordinating efforts with the International Right to Life Federation and England’s Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child, in preparation for the first international conference on compassionate care of the dying. The best minds in the fields of end-of-life care will gather in London, England, the birthplace of hospice, on March 13-14, 1998 to share the latest information on alternatives to euthanasia. Mark your calendars. More information will follow in the next issue of Connector.

On The Go

For Life Issues

Dr. Willke’s speaking schedule includes the following locations and events for the 3 fall months:

Philippines, Manila, Central Luzon and Mindanao – 19-day speaking tour
Des Moines, IA – Right to Life convention
Little Rock, AR – Leadership meeting
Norman, OK – Crisis pregnancy center fund raiser
Rio de Janeiro and Presidente Prudente, Brazil; Montevideo, Uruguay; Asuncion, Paraguay – International Right to Life Federation Board meeting and 2-week speaking tour
Austin, TX – Annual Right to Life banquet
Syracuse, NY – NY Right to Life Convention
Warsaw and Fort Wayne, IN – Radio interviews, College address and Right to Life meeting
Kansas City, MO – Right to Life banquet and lawyers meeting
San Juan, Puerto Rico – 4-day Speaking tour
Indianapolis IN – Legatus luncheon
Terre Haute, IN – Annual IN Citizens for Life meeting
Colorado Springs, CO – Medical meeting

Using TV to Save Babies

Through the efforts of The Caring Foundation, pro-life television commercials have been appearing in major media markets around the country. In 1997 alone over $2 million has been expended on media buys in states partnered with The Caring Foundation, doubling the $1 million-plus expended in 1996.

Following a meeting of national pro-life leaders from several states and national organizations, The Caring Foundation was formed in 1993 and a national strategy was developed. The goals of The Caring Foundation are to (1) develop and implement a national pro-life educational media program to reach the segment of Americans in conflict over the abortion issue; (2) provide information on alternatives to abortion to women contemplating abortion, as well as others influencing their decisions; and (3) develop a positive image for the pro-life movement among mainstream Americans.

Television is, without doubt, the most effective and practical communication medium available today and has tremendous power to influence beyond its perceived abilities as simply an information and entertainment medium.

Using the highly successful Missouri Vitae Society media project as a model, The Caring Foundation acts as a conduit for other states to share in the market research, completed commercials, follow-up polling information and fund raising expertise.

1997 media campaigns were developed in Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and included two of the top ten media markets in the country – Boston and Philadelphia. In the last two years pro-life media campaigns have aired in over thirty different markets.

Extensive market studies have been conducted to develop messages which will reframe the abortion issue in the minds of mainstream Americans. These messages have been produced into highly effective 30-second commercials. The success of these commercials has been proven time and time again through pre- and post-TV studies identifying shifts in public opinion from pro-abortion to pro-life.

A post-TV study performed in June following a three-month campaign in the Boston television market showed a seven point change in public opinion from pro-abortion to pro-life. In a market of 4.4 million adults, this is a change of 308,000 people. As the cost of this media buy was $390,000, this calculates to a $1.26 cost per person moved to a pro-life position – clearly proving that television is not only the most convincing communication method, but the most cost effective as well.

In addition to changing public opinion, many of these campaigns have also reached out to help women and their families. Toll free 800 numbers have been included in several commercials designed to offer assistance to women in crisis pregnancies and post-abortive women. In the last two years over 4,000 calls have been received through the airing of these commercials.

Oftentimes the messages of these commercials are repeated back to the crisis pregnancy centers by the girls and women whose minds have been changed as a result of seeing the commercials. For example, within 24 hours after going on the air in Boston, an 18-year-old Massachusetts college student called for help and said that her abortion was scheduled for the following week at the Planned Parenthood clinic, but “the commercial made her think.” The ending line of this commercial is “Think about it.”

Following the airing of a commercial with a post-abortion theme, a Michigan mother called for help saying that her teenage daughter was scheduled for an abortion, but “she didn’t want her daughter to feel like that (suffering Post-Abortion Syndrome).”

Likewise a commercial about a mother who continued a teen pregnancy, and now has a teenage daughter, caused a Wisconsin girl to tell the crisis pregnancy counselor that she saw this commercial and felt that “if she can make it, so can I.”

Stories like these are consistently repeated wherever these thought-provoking commercials are aired and lives are consistently being saved.

The long-term impact of ongoing media campaigns is now being felt in those states where television has been used for several years. For example, in Missouri, Wisconsin and Michigan the abortion rates have dropped by more than one-third.

As The Caring Foundation continues to assist in the development of media efforts across the country, further research into message development is being conducted and additional commercials are being produced to reach our ultimate goal of restoring value to human life with mainstream Americans.

The script follows of “Den”, one of the most effective spots.

“You know, I used to be pro-choice. And then something happened to me. I had a baby of my own. When I was pregnant, I finally realized that all this little kid was trying to do was make it.

Just like all of us. So…I haven’t figured it all out yet,

But why – when I wanted the baby – it was a baby;

And when I didn’t – it was ‘something else’.”

Life Jewels – the Sequel

When Life Jewels was first introduced last year, the sixty-second pro-life spots on compact disc were expected to fill an educational void. The response has been far more than anticipated. Shortly after releasing Life Jewels volume one, radio stations began calling, asking when to expect the next edition.

John C. Willke, MD, host of the new program, credited its success to the unique format. “We’re providing a valuable educational tool that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Life Jewels provides radio stations with an enormous amount of information at their fingertips in a format compatible with the station’s programming. The user-friendliness of the CD makes it a sought-after product for their listeners.”

Life Jewels is heard on over 500 radio stations throughout America. In addition, it airs in many other English-speaking areas around the globe. A Spanish edition has been produced and is also being heard in the US and internationally. It is estimated that over one million people hear Dr. Willke’s pro-life message each day.

Life Issues Institute is pleased to announce the release of volume two. Like the first CD, the second contains 60 one-minute public service announcements, chuck-full of crucial pro-life information on a range of the life issues. Brad Mattes, director of the project, explains, “We scripted the second volume very carefully so as not to duplicate the messages on the first CD. We recommend that radio stations hold on to these timeless jewels of pro-life information, because they can be used over and over again.” In addition, Mr. Mattes said, “We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that this is a quality product. As a result, millions of people are receiving an education on abortion and related issues.”

Using Life Jewels to target an audience.

Many pro-life, pro-family groups have found it possible to sponsor Life Jewels one-minute spots on their local radio stations. The cost for sixty seconds is a manageable expense for most organizations.

For example, of the 1.6 million annual abortions done in America, 44% are performed on women between the ages of 19 and 24. Some pro-life groups are reaching these women by sponsoring Life Jewel messages on radio stations that attract this age group. By selecting key blocks of time on preferred stations, pro-lifers are able to reach a targeted audience while spending a fraction of the money needed for other venues.

To receive a CD of Life Jewels, send $10.00 to Life Issues Institute, 1721 W. Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45239. Life Issues Institute will provide the CD, free of charge, to radio stations where air time has been confirmed.

We know you love the babies.

Here’s how you can go the extra mile.

LifeLine, a major long distance carrier, will contribute 10% of your domestic long distance bill towards the work of protecting unborn babies and their mothers. The change-over is invisible and free. You’ll use your phone just like always.

All it takes is a phone call. LifeLine will take care of the rest. It saves lives and saves you money. Please call today! (800) 800-7550

When you call to make the change, remember to mention Life Issues Institute as the beneficiary of your calls.


Countering Euthanasia – A Remarkable Tool

Many of our readers have probably been to more seminars than they care to remember. Typically, when attending one, we will leave it thinking that one or maybe two of the lectures were truly valuable, that some were okay, and a few were quite soporific. Having experienced the above, we were profoundly impressed with the depth and expertise presented at a two-day seminar held at the Columbus School of Law in Washington, DC.

Entitled, Life At Risk – A Closer Look At Assisted Suicide, it’s two days of professional expertise explored legal, medical, ethical and policy concerns about physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia. Alternative solutions to the problems of seriously ill patients and their families were presented at length. Historical aspects, such as the German Euthanasia Program and the current Dutch experience, were also presented. Areas such as modern pain control, and other aspects of compassionate medical care, were fully explained.

Internationally known speakers included Alexander Capron, Robert Joyce George, Dr. Edmund Pellegrino, Dr. Carlos Gomez, Dr. Herbert Hendin, and Dr. Ira Byock, as well as Dr. Hank Jochemsen and Zbigniew Zylicz from Holland, John McKuen from Cambridge University and Rabbi David Novak from University of Toronto. Mary Jane Owen and others spoke for Persons With Disabilities. Others included Dr. Harold Koenig from Duke, Steven Carter from Yale and Kathleen Caveny from University of Notre Dame Law School.

Presented just prior to the US Supreme Court decision on Assisted Suicide, it presented a clear picture of the pro-life arguments against euthanasia and assisted suicide that were to be mirrored in that decision.

The court has ruled that there is no federal constitutional right to assisted suicide, and the issue has been sent back to the states. The first major battle looms on November 4 in a repeat of the Oregon Initiative Referendum. The battle will continue in state General Assemblies and in state courts.

There is much to do. Our readers must continue to update themselves and be thoroughly informed on this issue. Accordingly, this leads us to recommend a set of audio tapes from this Life At Risk seminar. There are a total of 12 cassettes, and our advice would be to get the complete tape set for $50.00. Failing this, write to us, or to the address below, for a list of the speakers and order individually. Send orders to Donehey & Associates, Box 236, Fredericksburg, VA 22404. Phone (800) 371-3404. Fax: (540) 371-1837. E-mail: donehey@aol.com.

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