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Why Can’t We Love Them Both? – This book is the greatest single resource of educational information on abortion and related issues in the world.

Giving God Your Worst – Finding forgiveness when you feel unforgivable. A Christian based solution to pain that will not heal. Learning to give God all that you are on the inside – giving God your worst. Find relief and true healing by surrendering all those things that prevent you form finding peace with God.

The Shepherding Family Experience – A book written to those who are considering bringing an unwed mother into their home. It warns of the pitfalls and gives practical advice on how to be successful.

Abortion and the Christian: What Every Believer Should Know – This volume has grown out of years of teaching and research in the area of Christian ethics. Several years ago I began to realize that abortion not only is an intensely ethical issue in its own right, but is also symptomatic of a larger crisis in contemporary American human values. The abortion controversy reflects tensions and conflicts felt widely in marriage, the family, role identities, and human sexuality in general. Addressing the morality of abortion means addressing the very meaning and value of human life.