Fact #19: Abortion has become a form of gendercide, shrinking the global female population at an alarming rate.

On top of the fact that every abortion kills an innocent human being, abortion has also become the driving force in eliminating females around the globe. Estimates put the global gender gap somewhere between 100 and 200 million people. Abortion has become the most effective means of sexism ever devised, ridding the world of multitudes of unwanted females.

The most basic women's right: the right to live.

GendercideOne of the great ironies of the women's movement is that by its advocacy of abortion, it has endorsed the single greatest tool to rob women of their most basic right—the right to live. Abortion has become the primary means of eliminating unwanted females across the globe. (Photo Credit: The Economist Magazine)

Gender selective abortion around the world.

A survey of a dozen villages in India uncovered a frightening statistic: Out of a total population of ten thousand, only fifty were girls. [1] The other girls, thousands of them, had been killed by abortion after prenatal tests revealed they were females, who are considered an economic liability.

Newsweek reported that in six clinics in Bombay, of eight thousand amniocente-sis tests indicating the babies were female, all but one were killed by abortion. [2]

Time gives this alarming report: [3]

In South Korea, where fetal testing to determine sex is common, male births exceed female births by 14%, in contrast to a worldwide average of 5%. In Guangdong province, the China news agency Xinhua reported, 500,000 bachelors are approaching middle age without hopes of marrying, because they outnumber women ages 30 to 45 by more than 10 to 1.

Because of the use of amniocentesis in sex selection abortions, two-thirds of children born in China are now males. In 2000, Beijing demographers issued warnings that China's population is headed for upheaval. The one-child “family planning” regime initiated twenty years ago has led to a critical situation. The problems will become severe over the next ten years as alarming numbers of men reach marriageable age with a severe shortage of possible partners. Chinese officials are especially concerned about the countryside where the ratio of boys to girls is currently four to one. [4]

Already seventy million Chinese men aged twenty-five to forty-nine must remain bachelors. The phenomenon has led to the selling of wives. Nonetheless, China's government is vowing to continue the draconian one-child policy, in which people are motivated to abort girls since if they can have only one child, they want it to be a boy.

Gender selective abortion in America.

Gender Equality Starts HereAmniocentesis is also being used to detect a child's gender in America. If you want a boy, you don't have to go through months of inconvenience till you can get a reliable ultrasound. You can tell within a month or two, then kill your little girl by abortion and start over again. 

Medical World News reported a study in which ninety-nine mothers were informed of the sex of their children. Fifty-three of these preborns were boys and forty-six were girls. Of this number, only one mother elected to kill her boy, while twenty-nine elected to kill their girls. [5]

As the husband of a wonderful woman and the father of two precious girls, I cannot understand why anyone would not want to have a daughter. But for reasons that reflect some irrational bias against women, females are being targeted for extinction. And the tool for this destruction of women is staunchly defended by those who call themselves pro-woman.


Since many more girls than boys are being killed by the amniocentesis-abortion connection, some outraged feminists have labeled the practice “femi-cide.” [6]  

Ironically, the term betrays what those who use it deny: The unborn are people, and to kill an unborn female is to kill a young woman. 

There can be no equal rights for all women until there are equal rights for unborn women.